Infatuation With A beautiful MIND

michaelschulzeCommunity member
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Her words got stuck in my heart and once again lit a flame

Infatuation With A beautiful MIND

by michaelschulze

Well I've been away visiting another site where i feel in love with a beautiful mind I found a site with beautiful Poetry witch overtook my mind and soul

Completely infatuated with the beauty of her words and depth of soul Well i think she cast a spell on me i always wanted more to read

I just couldn't get enough

But alas all good things must end i think i would like her to be my friend So now I'm back at home for me reading the stories of my friends

Now if you let me I'd like to get back to tell of the places i have been and others i will see But i will always go back and see the beauty of her poetry

If you get a hungry heart in search of words of love and life take a look and see . Soul Kissing on Facebook beautiful works of poetry it brings the heart back to life.

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