How do we write
How do we write 

michaelschulze Community member
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If you have something to say please write it

How do we write

..what goes through our head. Where do we find the words to convey what we wish to say .... from all the hundreds of words why do we choose these particular word's to convey our thaughts.

Well Prehaps with education some have a greater choice of words. But in the end dose it really matter as long as people understand what we are trying to say. We tell stories about our lives loves and losses word's everyone can understand because.

For most people who read our word's or thaught they have been there themselves. Or they may simply know someone who has Mabey the words and thaughts are something they also wish to have or experienced.

Are we writing for ourselves or for someone else Sometimes it's just entertainment something to amuse someone as well as ourselves. Sometimes it's a scream that we wish at least one person would hear .. and sometimes no bloody dose .

Sometimes we think it's not fair so many likes and yet not one comment. But did we write it for them or did we write it for us. Somehow sometimes I really don't care. I just like the write . Or I wouldn't ever put pen to ink .

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