Echoes in the dark
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michaelschulze Community member
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Our thaughts don't need to define who we are. Or do they

Echoes in the dark

It's funny the things that can go through your mind in the dark When you are all alone You think of things you should have said or the things you should have done

But it's much too late when you're all alone You remember the last time someone said I love you And you also remember the last time you told someone the same

You remember the last time someone held you Or you held someone you loved And you also remember the last words you said to them Or the words that you screamed at each other or were they word's of love

They may well have been the best times of your life Or they may have been the worst It doesn't matter because you still remember them Do those words and thaughts now define who we are

Or should they always just remain As Echoes in the dark

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