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michaelschulze Community member
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Do dreams come true i hope so

A stranger Amongst us

by michaelschulze

It was the first time i had actually seen her. Although i was aware of her presence as we all were .

Where she came from I do not know perhaps some far of universe where things of Beauty are created .

Not a beauty as you would expect as for her looks most would consider her on the plane side.

With unkept hair and freckles short in stature and a bit on the plump side .

But with an Undeniable Beauty that only the innocent have about themselves

For some reason i wanted to know this child as so many others did

I call her a child but in truth she may have been in her teens or her twenties how is one to know

She doesn't cover her features with makeup she has no need to she still has the youthful complexion of a child

She was seated and one by one the people came to sit and talk to her but she gave each the same answers

Finally most of the people had left and it came to my turn to sit and talk with her

I asked her why are you here she answered simply because you asked me to come

I protested and said I don't know you why would I call on you where did you come from

She answered i have always been here you have been calling for me and looking for me

But you have been looking in the wrong places so I asked again who are you why are you here

This time she said i am love you have been asking for me and looking for me but i have always been here

But until you started to look within you could not see me for you must learn to love yourself again

If you have no love of yourself how can you love others

And that's when i woke up from my dream but was it a mere dream

For there was still a glow in my room and the cold winter chill was gone

Instead it was replaced with a worm glow and a feeling of coming home

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