A Slow News Day Down Under
A  Slow  News  Day 
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michaelschulze Community member
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Give the girl a break she allegedly took something to try to maintain her job

A Slow News Day Down Under

by michaelschulze

Obviously our journalist had nothing better to make for a headline

A couple of years ago Michelle Payne won our most prestigious horse race The Melbourne Cup a race that stops our nation once a year

Well she was the first female jockey to win the race in it's entire history

Today's breaking news headlines she faces a possible ban . And has been stood down for allegedly failing a band drug test

She is a jockey and she has allegedly taken a band drug an ( appetite suppressant )

Well woppe ding who the hell put the drug on the band list It is not a performance enhancement drug

She is a young female jockey trying to keep her waight down to maintain her job

Hey you dickhead reporters get a bloody life Go out and report on some News give the poor girl a break

This Country of ours is all in favor of giving the battler an even break someone having a go at making a better life for themselves

But Wow should you succeed and actually make a life for yourself How dare you actually succeed now we will try our hardest to pull you back down

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