A letter never sent
A  letter never sent  stories

michaelschulze Community member
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I couldn't hurt you as much as I hurt me that would be insane

A letter never sent

Well maybe some day When we don't hurt anymore But then it will be to late I didn't know she was still so full of hate After what he did to her

I'm sorry I hurt you but I didn't hurt you as much as I have hurt me It's quite okay you have already forgotten about me that's okay that's the way it's supposed to be I'm just a silly old man how could I possibly love you as much as you hate yourself

Can't you understand that someone who is living with more pain than you can still love you Could we get together and hate each other for a while Eventually everything goes out ove style after a while and you may love me after all

It's just as well a letter was never sent after the pain I caused in the first one Mabey it's better I'm writing this in a different world after all Where no one from the other world will see I can't have her gowing around and laughing at me

Heal well beautiful lady Mabey somewhere in the next world we will meet again WHEN WE BOTH HAVE LESS PAIN

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