6 Slides about Michael Schulze
6 Slides about Michael Schulze  wishes-for-a-friend stories

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6 Slides about Michael Schulze

by michaelschulze

I grew up in Queanbeyan .

Growing up here was interesting because Off the close proximity to Canberra as it developed from a small community to a city .

In my spare time I Listen to music and read poetry .

I initially got into this because Over coming the death of my wife and learning to express my feelings in the written from .

My proudest moment was when

Overcoming dyslexia and learning to read.

My dream is to To see something published .

I want this because I would like my writing to help others understand how depression can be relieved by putting in writing what you are feeling .

Now, I am a Semi retired .

I Get my old friends vintage car into reliable running order and try to help some young friends through the difficulties of living with a meantal health issue .

I'm looking forward to Submitting some poetry .

I'm excited about this because To be able to judge whether i should continue to write with the hope of getting something published or stop wasting my time .

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