Phantom Tumor
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michaelpenn Community member
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Ever feel like a prisoner in your own mind?

Ever feel like your brain's check engine light should be beaming because something is definitely off? For no good reason at all? Me too.

Phantom Tumor

I can feel it there, numbing,

It's an auto pilot that turns on without my consent,

Bringing out feelings... emotions that have no logical place here.

It's like a broken cause and effect,

A sequence that doesn't make any sense,

Pulling on strings that fuck with my head.

I can think outside the tears on my face,

Knowing the math's wrong,

It doesn't equate.

This doesn't call for the end of the world,

Maybe just...

Am I broken? Do I need to be healed?

Is this mental illness? Or one of my hits to the head?

Is this cloudiness my new forever normal?

Should I think this is fucking okay?

What if I let it keep going?

Will I forget my old normal?

What if all the crazy people,

The down and out,

The weird,

The fucking depressed,

The convicts,


What if they're all just like me,

Lost in their head,

And need some relief.

It's just never come.

And they gave up.

They accept it all,

Thinking fuck it... suck it up.

It's not a broken leg that the world can see,

Recommend a doc,

And give you what you need.

You're on your own,

all alone,

Problems unknown,

building... growing,

You've lost your mental home.

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