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michaelnicorata Community member
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A while back I noticed a shifting change in the world and it made me feel a strange way which had to be jotted down on paper.


Sickened by the world once again

Tangled in the web of disgrace

Dabbling into thematic undertones

Witnessed within humble grace

Breaking through the solid grind

Notice the lonely illusions

Finding myself riding in the trend

Tearing through the seclusion

My head turns outside the wall

Taking in all what is bright

Away into my humble abode

Basking in what seems right

Could be the mystery that turns

Or the current might swallow

Screeching as the words trample

Blind hearts to meekly follow

Catching the rays of twilight dust

As the cycles swim on through

Basking in this caged-ridden day

Bathing sorrows in the blue

Masking around the devil's bend

Acting out yet another scene

Tearless wings feeble in the fury

Moments dabbled with serene

Feelings get washed away forever

Needing to reel in once more

Tiredness enters blanketed states

Smashing into each other's shore

And through the winds of change

Clockwork spinning every hour

Something seems so very deranged

Hanging petals to every flower

Michael Nicorata


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