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michaelnicorata Community member
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Something I wrote a while ago describing how I felt about someone that I loved and lost.

Eternal Bliss

Sunlight rays fall on sunset days

When feelings seem so dim

Moonlit skies tell no lies

When emotions run within

Scarlet petals

Delicate whispers

Hear her shiver through the timbers

Lazy eyes

Drunk in perfume

Make sure to please her soon

When all is said and done

And the past comes to fold

Tell her what she means to you

The story of two into mold

Her hair so sweet and pleasant

Blushed cheeks look so sweet

Planted in this wondrous garden

Where two separate souls meet

Play endlessly with the game

And hold her in your arms tight

Whisper in her ear and laugh

"Tonight, everything is right."

Rosy ears

Pale skin

Always sinking her within

Love grand

Twice with grace

Kisses trailing all over the place

Michael Nicorata


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