A Blessing in Disguise
A Blessing in Disguise inspirational stories

michaelnicorata Community member
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A poem I wrote a while back to explain how I felt about the world and its ways changing their tune.

A Blessing in Disguise

Let the gates of this world open

Wide and oppressed

Of those who have truly spoken

Killing them nonetheless

Those who seal the truth

Have grown old and stale

They always come back to us

Ending up brittle and pale

The light shows down on many

Who seem to stick through

The trials and tribulations

Of everything done to you

We can still stand from chains

Even if they bring misery

It is called upholding righteousness

And brining back empathy

They call us the soft spoken

And maybe ones with hearts

They call us the blessed few

Cause we always feel torn apart

We can fight our own battles

And see things come alive

We can write our own stories

Cause in the end, we all must die

Michael Nicorata


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