My name is Lester Broussard. I’m not your average guy. I’m far from average.
My name is Lester Broussard. 

I’m not your average guy. 

         I’m far from average. 

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I’m a necromancer. I can control the dead and talk to spirits. But I didn’t choose this life. It chose me.

My name is Lester Broussard. I’m not your average guy. I’m far from average.

I have a special power that few people know about. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. I can’t even believe I am doing this.

I’m a Necromancer. I can talk to the dead. Spirits gravitate toward me and tell me their problems.

You’re probably wondering... What...? How...? Huh????

For 7 long years I stayed quiet. Never talked to anyone about how this happened to me.

Now I think I’m ready to share my story, even though I’m ashamed. You might not even want to read anything else from me after what I tell you next.

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I was a hell of a family man. (Yes I’m old but I’m not that old) My wife and I were happily married. We met in 8th grade. I loved her deeply. I had two children: Marcus and Marlese. 16 years and 18 years

Despite being happy I had this nagging desire. I liked to visit cemeteries. I needed their quiet stillness to calm my mind.

One evening, I was coming home from the grocery store. I had to be careful sometimes because there’s gang activity (I live in the hood). I was out too late and should have known better. But cutting through the cemetery was my only way home.

Then I heard gunshots. Then a scream.

And then my life changed forever. (No, I didn’t get shot) But I saw a man on the ground, clutching his chest and staring up at the sky.

I dropped to my knees and started CPR, But there was too much blood. The man was barely twenty. He died in my arms.

First thing I thought... What if the police think I did it? What if I went to jail with this man’s blood on my hands (literally)? Then I started FREAKING. OUT.

Then I heard sirens. Damn. My life was about to be over. All because I tried to help. And then a voice said my name.

A shadow stood a few feet away, just behind a gravestone. “I can save you,” it said. “Who are you?” I asked. But the shadow backed away.

“I can save you from a life of despair, but I need you to say yes right now.” The sirens grew louder. I had to make my choice... Go to jail or accept the shadow’s offer?

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