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michaelgarcia Community member
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If anyone is available to talk, I’m just looking for a genuine conversation. It can be about anything. I’m just bored

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I thought I had a chance with someone, it’s not what it seems For a whole year I was just up in the clouds chasing dreams

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a destiny Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to bring out the best in me

Everyday I feel lonely, I don’t have really good friends People who know me know I might be able to give them test answers...knowing they’ll succeed in the end

I have good grades, but in the end... I’d rather be failing and at least have some good friends

My old friends don’t hang around, feels like they stabbed me in the back Of course they like my brother more, the class clown, guess that’s a fact

I have good grades, I try to be a good person, but it doesn’t matter... Everyone I meet wants someone with edge, I’m left with an empty platter

Everyday I ask myself, what good am I at all I keep trying my best and I always seem to fall

It’s like a movie, a great character is good but has an edge, you see All I am is the good character, but bland, is what I’ll always be

If anyone has any solutions, I’m awake listening I’m sick and tired of living a lonely life, I’m sick and tired of my life that has never been glistening

All I need is some hope that someone out there Will see who I am, accept me, I just want a friend who cares

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