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One True Never-after""

part 1 out of 10


She's too far to reach,

Always serene and watching over me,

As I look back at her in the depths of night,

She's always the brightest,

In the sky of twinkling stars--

The sun may be bright and extravagant,

But there she sits in the sky,

Glowing drowsy light,

Illuminating my sleepless nights.

I walk these days,

Stress burnt by rays,

I walk at night,

As she soothes my plight.


I call out to her,

Propped upon my window,

Feeling so lost that I felt asunder;

Until when do I see you again,

May I ask,

For the clouds have locked you away,

Within their shadowy grasp.

Once the sun blazes out from the canvas up above,

Will your soothing gaze once again

Set upon this lonesome pup,

As broken and lonesome as I may be,

You never stray from watching over me;

Lost on the ground,

Found by the sky,

Grim was my path,

Yet you shine up high.

If I ever find my way into your soothing embrace,

Dance the night looking at your serene face,

Would I still regret that we left without another glance,

Or the fact that we could've spoken more in the past.

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