2 Late 2 Turn Back Chapter1-Dani Alex
        2 Late 2 Turn Back
      Chapter1-Dani Alex stories
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17 year old Dani Alex and her friends who go to Rockington High School suffer the loss
of friendship, sportsmanship, and forgiveness. In this story there are #bestfriendgoals and #bestfriendlies. Lost love, lost trust. Will Dani Alex find her way?

2 Late 2 Turn Back Chapter1-Dani Alex

I'm Danielle Alexandera, but I like to be called Dani Alex. That name is not so girly, ya know? At Rockington High there are a hole lot of cliques, and

by a hole lot I mean the hole is gigantic. There are the sports teams, band, non popular wannabes, smart people and my clique which are normal people. The other cliques

are packed with people who have to have at least three tables per clique, while we don't even fill one table. This group only has 6 people including: Myself,

Jay, Kendall, Daniel, Lizzie and Kat. Jay has long dark brown hair, but it's one large braid going into a man bun with hazel eyes, and a failing grade in math class

I'm his toutor. Kendall, my bestie for the restie. We met in 2nd grade, we always wanted be together, I remember that one time where in the 4th grade her mom and her

were moving, she ran away to my house which was two houses down from hers, and I hid her. That next morning my mom found us and we got into so much trouble, but she

didn't have to move after that. Daniel, my twin, his name is Daniel Alexander. We were born N' raised in Maryland and we're still here. Kendall and I met Lizze last

year, when she was a transfer student from Scotland.She dicided to stay here once we invited her to come into this group and now we are best friends. Kathern, Oh! I

mean Kat Is my brother, Daniel's, girlfiend, I don't like her and she knows it. If it wasnt for my brother and her soccer injury she would had been eating with the

soccer team clique. I mean she is half blooded emo, if you think about. Come on, her mother and father are in a rock band, her older brother is full on gothic gay,

and how is she possibly only on the soccer team, like how are you not emo, punk-rock, gothic, ya know. CONFUZULED!

It's lunch, I'm bored out of my mind. I forgot to pack my lunch, and I didn't bring any money what so ever. Right now I'm the only one at the table, well

until Kathern, I mean Kat came over to the table. "Hey is Daniel here, I haven't seen him all day?" "Well your parents probably killed him with their lousy rock

music." "OK, listen, I am tired of your stupid, dumb and idiotic jokes about my family." "Well if your tired why aren't you sleep?" She tired to say something else,

but Daniel appered behid her. "Hey, what are you guys talking about." We say together "NOTHING!" I ask my brother for money....he gave me ten cents....Jay walks over,

I stare deeply into his eyes. He's a mystery. I shake my head to get out of the stare. I ask him, "Are you sure Harry Potter's Professer Snape is not your father?"

"I'm one hundred and thirty-two percent positive that I'm not Professer Snape's son, grandson, or even neighbor." Lizzie and Kendall walk over to the table. "Finally,

you guys take forever, I'm starving, what type of food do you have?" Kendall quickly answers, "No food, well I have two ham N'cheese sandwiches, two fruit cups

(pear and mangos), two water bottles with water flavor packets (pineapple crush) and two nutty buddy bars." "Kendall, you know me so well, thank you."

Kendall, Daniel and I walk home together. Kendall comes over so we can talk about, pretty much anything."Hey mom, can you make your yummy quesdillas, thanks

mom!" Kendall and I factime Lizzie.("OMG, I just heard Justin Timberlake has a new girlfriend, like what happened the relationship we had?" "Oh honey, that three-

hundred billion five-hundred million dollar dress you bought 2 weeks ago is so 2 years ago, I wanted to tell you, so I did." "Hey loser, nice hair..not.") We mock

the popular wannabes.

Everyother Friday Jay comes over. He and Daniel play video games, while I have a massive crush on him. I haven't told anyone yet, but I think Lizzie and Kendall

already know. Every-time I try to deny it, they just give me the biggest stare down. I laugh it off and say, "I'm foreal", but they obviously don't believe me.

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