Honey and Rage
Honey and Rage button poetry stories

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Cavities and corroded stones
Promises and broken bones

You called it love

Honey and Rage

You were all honey and rage

A sugar coated tongue spiked with pepper

Forehead kisses and backhanded compliments

'I love you's and unanswered calls

In your mind

It was you against the world

In my mind

It was us against the world

And when you stared holes in my back

I knew you could see right through me

But it never mattered

Because reality is mad as a hatter, darling

And kisses with bloody lips were better than

Nothing at all

In the end,

Your rage burned through the honey

Your teeth fell out from all the sugar

And rocks took their place

You can't talk anymore

But it's okay, because

Words less powerful than silence

Aren't worth using

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