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Is it best to walk alone in life?

True Friends

Three dogs were walking thru the woods one day

When they came upon a beast that they thought was prey

But wouldn’t you know much to their surprise

The beast breathed fire and had the devils eyes

Now the first dog gave out one horrible yelp

But little did he know the other two dogs wouldn’t help

Cause in this world you’re your only salvation

And we’re living in a dog eat dog God damned nation

Now the other two dogs ran and they thought they were safe

But they couldn’t forget that nightmarish face

Not the one of the beast but the one of their pal

Cause they all three knew he was going straight to hell

Now we all know that a dog ain’t so smart

But in their minds nightmares began to start

They knew they did wrong by turning tail and running

And they knew for them the beast would soon be coming

No matter where they went they felt his presence near

And the dieing yelps of their friend was all they could hear

Then they topped a mountain and what did they see

Their buddy and the beast drinking under a tree

The beast looked at them and their buddy he did say

“You shouldn’t have let me die alone in that most horrible way

Cause now I’ve made a pact with the Devil you see

And I traded your souls for the soul of me”

Now the moral of this it is quite clear

If you walk alone there won’t be anybody near

To screw you over when you get into a jam

Or to turn on you so that your soul is damned

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