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A poem, but can by sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

By: By Melvin

Serial Coach Killer

by By Melvin

Sam the Boston Strangler

Lived by the sea

But every now and then

He'd adventure to the state of Tennessee

He lived there

For about 20 years

Not killing a single sole

But then he went Berserk one night

And killed football coach Chuck Noll

Bud Grant was the next to die

By the hands of this evil man

And then Sam died

but his kid took over

Calling himself 'The Son of Sam'

Forrest Gregg, he soon died

And so did Coach Dan Reeves

Bum Phillips was the next to go

Cause coaches were Sam's pet peeves

Soon there wasn't a single coach left alive

Except for old Tom Landry

But Sam got him

In the locker room

While he was going pee

Now later Sam was arrested

And put behind steel bars

And when he was asked

"Why'd you kill them all?"

He replied: "I didn't like their cars."

Now Sam died a lonely man

In a cell all alone

Not a single state would allow him

To call their state his home

'Cause he killed off a pastime

Americans grew to cheer

And before anyone became a head coach

they'd rather give up drinking beer

Now Football may come back someday

If and when this is all put aside

But if you become a football coach


Sam the third is still alive!!!

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