The Serial Killer πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
The Serial Killer πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ summer-horror stories
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A guilty serial killer found in the most confused state in his life...

The Serial Killer πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ

It was a warm September night

when the unexpected

the unthinkable


Parker Xander had done it again. Yes, he had murdered the fifth girl. He had murdered Yuri, the new Korean neighbor girlfriend. He had killed five girls in nine months - his dates.

First, he killed Riley at the fun park

Then, Lucy at the school bathroom

Then, Samantha in her parents' mansion

Then Isabel - okay, that one was not intentional.

Now Yuri was lying bloodied in his bathtub. The pocket knife was still in her side

That innocent Korean girl who had just moved in two months ago. The news was going to spread at school soon

Lanstern College, who knew there was a serial killer?

The Police were still working on the other cases. Their bodies had still not been found. And they would never be found unless Parker spoke out

Nobody knew it was him. Nobody even suspected. After all, he was still that quiet, naive boy in his junior year

He had started assaulting girls when he was a freshman. Private assaults. Now he was a junior, he had grown to killing them.

Yuri was the daughter to a Korean Politician. She had just been admitted into Lanstern College as a freshman

Yuri lived off campus and rented an apartment in the same building as Parker.

That was how he knew her

dated her

murdered h e r

He was just about to burn her - at the usual spot.

Parker, unlike Yuri, was from a poor family. He used to live with his grandmother before he took up an after school job at a bar

That's how he was able to rent an apartment and pay his tuition fees

Parker was five years old when his father abandoned him and his mother. Shortly after, she killed her self and Parker moved to stay with his maternal grandmother.

Now he was twenty, still no traces of his father

On Parker's table just as you entered his living room was a framed picture of his father whom he hoped to find one day.

Yuri's body was turning cold. Her jaws had joined a long time ago. And yes, Parker tried to be very careful

Yuri had told him that a new person had had moved in to the building

A Policeman

Now Parker became stressed out. He thought of the task ahead of him

Burning Yuri in his kitchen furnace, washing the bathtub ( while wearing gloves), disinfecting it, and getting rid of everything that could implicate him if the Police came.

He kinda felt guilty

After all, he didn't bargain for this. He had never planned to kill Yuri. In fact, he had never planned to kill any of them

It's just that when they provoked him and the anger rose, he couldn't control it.

Isabel's case was different anyway

they were just in his apartment, playing, having a pillow fight

Then he smothered her by mistake. He had to get rid of her body just like he had done to the previous ones.

Because nobody was going to believe him.

After gathering the strength, he picked Yuri and left for the kitchen. That was after he had gone outside to ensure that nobody was hanging around-

especially that damn Policeman

He had already prepared the fire.

Just as he approached it, there was a knock at the door

Parker started to panic, but then stopped

"After all, the door is locked", he said to himself, " Whoever is there might think I'm not around".

The person at the door started to panic too.

" I just saw him out here a few seconds ago. Why isn't he answering the door? What if something's gone wrong?", he thought. Then he turned the door handle

As soon as Parker Xander dropped Yuri's corpse in the furnace, the door opened

" Holy shittt! I thought I locked that door", he gasped.

Standing at the door was the new Policeman neighbor in his uniform. He must have been on night shift

But wait!! He looked familiar

Parker's eyes shifted to the framed photograph on his table

He was the one...

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