Late nights
Late nights

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mha_writter Baku boi!!!!
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Bakugo is very secretive and you know this but despite that your freinds. Even if you both are competitive against eachother you still choose to be freinds. Welp Jenny tiktok prank goes way wrong!

Late nights

Bakugoxreader Fluff :)

I sat in my dorm room looking at my new decor. I was supposed to be asleep in fact but with my insomnia I couldn't sleep. Feeling bored out of my mind I text Izuku.

Mousy!:yo wake up All mighty might:Y/n we've done this 20 different times in the last week and it doesn't get better All mighty might:go to bed night!

I rolled my eyes, how DAre he disrespect me rolling over in my bed still bored I scrolled through tiktok. "ooooo~ Jenny tiktok prank sureee why not!" I said to no one in particular just myself. I decided to do it on ONE of my most favorittteeee person in the world, if you can't tell I'm being sarcastic well except for my heart I had a little crush on Bakugou but I was freinds with everyone in 1-A.

Bitch:Katsuki darling your my best friend! 🧨boom boom boi🧨: The hell do you mean? Bitch:But theres a few things that you don't know about! 🧨boom boom boi🧨: does it look like a give a fuck? Bitch: Why I borrow your lipstick so often🤭

🧨boom boom boi🧨: YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF LIPSTICKS WHY DID YOU USE MINE DUMBASS?! Bitch: I'm using your shirt as a pillow case..... 🧨boom boom boi🧨: your a dumbass of a stalker Bitch: I wanna ruin our freindship!!

Bitch:......we should be lovers instead..... 🧨boom boom boi🧨:WTH DUMBASS! Bitch:.....okay- 🧨boom boom boi🧨:stupid come to my dumbass or else I'll use you as a body bag tmmr

Rolling my eyes I got out of bed. My feet dragging me at this point, luckly my quirk was to be like a mouse. I could hear well and had great senses, I was also very quiet I wasn't a mouse but I had mouse like qualitys like shrinking being quiet things like that. I opened my door walking down the halls til I got to Katsuki's door. Knocking quickly and quietly as possible I look both ways and all around me.

I knew if I got caught I would get in huge trouble. He opened his door slowly and let me in. For a loud boy and a quiet annoying one he had a nice clean room. Grey walls aligned with some wall decor and some art on the walls. "Nice room......." I walk to his desk and put my hand on it staring at it.

This was clearly were he study considering all of the papers and books that painted the desk over its orignal wood coloring. Quantime physics and algebra were on the peices of white paper. "Ugh I hate quantime physics the teacher doesn't explain anything and at the end I just teach myself!" I explained sitting down and solving the questions for him. I felt his gaze on my back while I tried to figure out the problem.

Pencil to my lip back down to the paper reapeat. That's how I solved homework. Especailly when I thought about something. I swillvled around on his chair and looked at him. "So why am I here if your not even gonna talk to me?" I asked looking at him. No response just like im not there. "KATSUKI!" I said louder grabbing his attention from staring off into space.

"What!?" he kinda snapped towards me nicer than usual. "Don't just stare its rude,and I obviously am pretty hot but theres still no reason to stare." I said jokingly. "Wait you became hot when?" he said more jokingly. "When you went blind of course!" I exclaimed teasing back. "Clearly the men in this school have no taste-" I got cut off with a kiss to the lips my mind racing. 'OMG WTF BAKU BOY LIKES ME JGFJSIEFE!'

I kiss back for a quick second before he pulls away. "So all the men have bad taste huh?" He said smirking at me. "Well turns out I just have bad taste in men." I said rolling my eyes jokingly. "EXCUSE ME-" I shush him when I heard steps coming towards the room. Rushing I push baukgo to his bed and went super small in size so it would be hard to see me. The first thing i did was run under the bed.

The footsteps lingered at the door before they walked away. So I came out and grew in size. "Thanks almost got caught by your loud mouth!" I whisper screamed. "Oh shut up." he said pulling me on the bed and cuddled up next to me. "Your mine dumbass....." He said.

~time skip~ ~Bakugo POV~ She was cuddled up next to me,sleeping. Looking very cute, opening my phone I go to her contact and clicked edit contact.





My |

My Bi|

My Bit|

My Bitc|

My Bitch|

My Bitch

My Bitch|

My Bitch💖|

My Bitch💖|

My Bitch|

Done editing contact? -------------------------------------- Yes No

Done editing contact? -------------------------------------- YES No

My Bitch ------------------------------------ Me:stupid come to my dumbass or else I'll use you as a body bag tmmr


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