~Romance sim~ (CLOSED)

                ~Romance sim~
(CLOSED) simulator stories

mha_fanfiction {He/Him} {Rp's} {Nsfw rp's is okay}
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I am doing a romance simulator, post your OC's in the comments and please make them boys. If your OC is a girl you can just make them into a boy but keep everything else. this will be a b x b sim.

~Romance sim~ (CLOSED)

Okay so I will be hosting a romance simulator. I also got this idea from...I forgot T^T. But I will put their name in the next post. So, what will happen is that there will only be 8 or 6 spots, depending on how many people join. please make your OC's a boy, if it's a girl then you can just alternate it into a boy and keep everything else. (not forcing you too, just saying-)

Now, this will have a lot of drama and other stuff, so please, make your character very s p i c y. Also, I forgot to mention that this will be a bit pg-13 or higher annnnnnnd if your character is trans and thier pronouns are He/him then you can definitely submit your character, even if they don't have a dicky yet^^

What I will need- Name: Age: (17+) Pronouns: Height: Top, Bottom, or Switch?: Personality: Appearance: Likes and Dislikes: Powers: (only 1)

Okay- so that's it, you can either Comment below and tell me your character or you can just DM me. Either one works^^

Bye, bye~

Bye, bye~, and don't forget to...

Bye, bye~, and don't forget to... 😊~SMILE~😊

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