~Part 1~ The Insane Asylum
                       ~Part 1~
            The Insane Asylum nsfw stories

mha_fanfiction {He/Him} {Rp's} {Nsfw rp's is okay}
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you guys get to choose what the characters will do and the choices they will make :D

~Part 1~ The Insane Asylum

Yes, I know that Shigaraki is older than Deku but I just think it's cute when they are together even though in this story Shigaraki will be the same maniac as before and Deku will be his therapist. Kinda like Harley Quinn and the Joker. But anyways, you guys can get to choose what happens and the choices that the characters will make, so without further a-do, lets get into it...

Izuku was walking to his job at the Insane Asylum, where he worked with patients that needed help with their mental health and other illnesses except he was just a normal therapist. Izuku then made his way into the building, quite nervous. He then made his way to one of his first patients ever. The guard's at the front of the door let him in but one guard went in with Izuku for safety precautions.

There was a table with two chairs on each end and there sat, Tomura Shigaraki, the most insane person in this place. Izuku nervously walked over to the other side of the table and sat down. "So...how are you doing today?" Izuku said, trying the best he could to sound calm. Shigaraki didn't say anything then he finally spoke. "I'll start speaking once you take the restraint jacket off of me" He said with a smirk.

Izuku got nervous because he was the only one who could say Yes or No. So.... Should they take the restraints off of Shigaraki? -OR- Should they keep it on him? -YOU DECIDE-

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