Ugly Mha Photos! ;-;
Ugly Mha Photos! ;-; mha stories

mha_4eva I have no life UvU
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These are quite ugly. 13+ only. But if your not whatever. :|

Ugly Mha Photos! ;-;

Hey peeps!

I just saw these weird and ugly Mha photos and decided to show them to you.


. .

. . .

So here they are ;-;

Um . . .;-;

I feel like I have been invaded . . .O.o

THIS IS SO DISCUSTING!!!! ;-; *hides in corner and cries* I LOVE THIS SHIP! WHYYYYY!!?!?!?!

Hm. I am so .. . . WTF?

UM. WTF juts happened to them. Also Bakugo looks hilarious.

WTF? This is weird. Bakugo looks hungry for . . . ;-;

Um. I have nothing to say . . .its just so wrong. I love this ship but . . .

Um. This doesn't even make sense. He does like All Might but he seriously doesn't like him that much since he found out that All Might could only be a hero for 3 hours.

This is so flipping wrong. WTH!

WHAT! This ship doesn't even make sense! Bakugo and Ochako haven't even talked much! This isn't ugly. Just weird. *cries* THIS WORLD!

Uh. I thought he loved Bakugo . . . or . . .;-;

I I AM DONE!! ;-;

Bai Everyone!!

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