{TodorokiXReader}Part 8
{TodorokiXReader}Part 8 mha stories

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"Why would you think that?" Shoto soothed you, rubbing his hands on your shoulders.

{TodorokiXReader}Part 8

♡Y/N Pov♡ "Why would you think that?" Shoto soothed you, rubbing his hands on your shoulders. "Because . . . who wants a lousy pregnant girl to be your wife? Besides , I am only 19. Being pregnant wasn't exactly on my shopping list." you explained. Shoto laughed, his red and white hair making there way over his eyes.

"That's funny. That is not what you said before we . . . you know . . . had s--." You glared at him but you couldn't help but blush in the process. Then before you could do anything, you felt a pain so severe cut through your stomach and your down-below region. You let out a yelp and clutched your belly. Whatever the pain was, It was definitely not a good feeling.

Shoto had the chance to glance over from talking about our s-- and Aldera Junior High wedding, and saw me in pain. He widened his eyes and sat back on the bench, clutching your shoulders. "What's the matter? Are you alright? You look sick or hurt. Do . . . " Todoroki gasped and help you tighter. "Are you . . . going to have the baby . . . or babies?!"

You smiled sadly at him, clutching your belly as another wave of pain rolled over you. You wanted to warn Shoto but you didn't know what the pain was from. 𝓘𝓽 𝓬𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓫𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰. You thought, ignoring the severe pain as much as you could. When you looked up, Shoto was staring down at you with pain in his eyes as if he could feel what you felt.

You felt the pain grew more major and curled your hand into Shoto's, squeezing his hand so tight that you thought that you would break it into pieces of shattering glass. You knew the consequences of being half castor. You knew you would have your baby soon. You felt that if you let Shoto's hand for one second, you would float away into the distant stars.

💙Todoroki Pov❤ I felt as if I wanted to cry. I didn't know how to stop her pain, nor did she even know. I sighed and tucked my hand under her sweater, grasing her stomach to try to make her feel better.Y/N inched away from me but still held my hand tight in hers. I didn't know what was happening to her. One second she was running away from our marriage

and the next she is pregnant, holding a child so delique and unique and so precious. I think I read something about what would happen if a young women got pregnant. I just don't remember what the book was called. A piece of knowledge popped into my head. If the young women felt severe pain, that meant she was having small contractions. Which means that she is closer to having the child then I

I thought. "Wait!" I yelled. "I remember something from a book I was reading for . . . some reason. It said something about if you had a severe cramp type of feeling then that means your only having small contractions. But . . ." Y/N sighed with relief but studied me for a second, turning toward me with a groan. "But . . .?" "But . . .that also means your

closer to having your baby. In like . . . weeks or months." Y/N widened her eyes with fright. "What?!" Then she started panicking. "I am not ready to be a parent! I am only 19. I am still a teenager. Please no . . . "I then saw her flinch, and she clutching her belly, her eyes widened. "Oh . . .my . . .god . . . I think I am . . . having the baby!" I gasped and watched water leak onto the sidewalk. I

fetched out my phone and dialed 9.1.1. It didn't make sense. She had only been four months pregnant. How could she already have her baby, OUR baby?

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