{TodorokiXReader}Part 10 -Special!-
{TodorokiXReader}Part 10 
-Special!- mha stories
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~Excerpt: I opened my eyes and moaned. I was in a dark room, no lights whatsoever. I realized I was in a closet.

{TodorokiXReader}Part 10 -Special!-

💙Todoroki's Pov❤️ I opened my eyes and moaned. I was in a dark room, no lights whatsoever. I realized I was in a closet. Then I freaked out. Where was I? My fiance was at the hospital. I winced in pain, remembering the stab wound in my stomach. I touched it and realized it was bandaged. If she wanted to kill me, why would she let me live?

I groaned as I moved onto my side, facing some kind of mop. "You woke up? Finally!" A voice said from somewhere outside of the room. I paled, recognizing that voice. Aina's. I pushed my body much farther back into the closet, inching away from the door, hiding myself behind some clothing. The door swung open, light brightening the dark and sad room, then darkness again.

"Where are you?" I heard footsteps and scuffling around. She was looking for me. I gasped. Then I covered my mouth so Aina wouldn't be able to hear me. I slowly got onto my knees and began to crawl on the floor toward the door. I heard Aina shuffling around , sounding like she was right behind me. "Hey!" Aina screamed, lunging at me. But just as she did so,

I swung open the door and ran out, closing and locking the door behind me. I began to run, not knowing where I was going to go without keys or knowing where I was. I opened another door and ran out. cold and frightful air pushed at me. I shivered and ran, getting my phone out of my pocket and looking up Google Maps. I looked at my phone in surprise,

I was just in a building right next to my house. Which means I am not far from the hospital. I used my quirk on the road and turned it into an ice rink, sprinting in and out of the roads.

♡Y/N's Pov♡ You screamed in pain as nurses and doctors examined you. You pretended to not notice but it was easy to. Where is Shoto?! You thought, severe pain creeping up and down in your below region. That was what you had been thinking the whole time that you were trying have the baby.

You were thinking about your Fiance and how you would get married, ignoring the doctors and nurses as much as you could. You cried out. "I'm going to have the baby!" you screamed, as several contractions by the minutes threatened to drown you. At least three doctors came over, fixing the blanket so they could help the baby get out.

"Are you sure?" A younger doctor asked, nervously. "Yes!" Screamed an older doctor, pushing the younger doctor aside. One of the doctors held your hand because your fiance wasn't here. "Breathe slowly in and out." whispered the doctor, trying too sooth you. It didn't work. You were panicking as my Fiance wasn't here and wasn't going to see

the baby get born if he didn't come in a couple of minutes. Then, as if you summoned him, Shoto came running through the door, his eyes blazing gray and red. "Shoto!" Shoto looked up, hope and relief in his eyes. He walked over to your side of the bed, making the doctor get out of his way.

"I thought you would miss the birth of our baby." You said, relieved and calmed. "Not in a million years." he answered, holding onto your hand tightly, helping the pain ease with the coldness. "I-" I gasped, pain exploding on me, making me push. "The baby is coming!" The doctors instructed me as I gave several pushes

, sweat covering your face. I gave one final push and I heard a babies cry, our babies cry. "It's a girl!" I watched as one of the doctors came over, our baby wrapped into a pink blanket. I smiled, tears making there way down my cheeks, holding onto the baby. You looked at your baby girl,

having bright green eyes like hers. Just like a castors. "She's beautiful, what are you going to name her?" Shoto asked, grabbing the baby girl and holding her. "I am going to name her-"

A/N: XD Sorry I didn't tell you her name guys. I just . . . wanted to keep you guessing. Comment in the comments what you think her name is. Btw there will be a new start to Part 11~~~

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