{TodorokiXReader} Part 9
{TodorokiXReader} Part 9 mha stories

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~Excerpt: As the ambulance came and took Y/N to the hospital, I ran quickly to get the car. I ran to get the car and I yelped as I saw someone step from the shadows. Aina.

{TodorokiXReader} Part 9

💙Todoroki's Pov❤️ As the ambulance came and took Y/N to the hospital, I ran quickly to get the car. I ran to get the car and I yelped as I saw someone step from the shadows. Aina. "Hello, Sho." Aina said. "W-what are you doing here?" I asked, trying to sneak past her to get the car, which was parked a block away from where me and Y/N was last.

She blocked me. "I would ask you the same question but . . . I know why your here." "Why?" I tested her. "'Cause you want to be with your . . . WIFE!?" Aina shouted, grabbing my keys and throwing them on the ground, stomping on them with her foot. I gasped. "Why would you do that?!" She let out a cackle, twirling her ponytail with her finger,

scrapping her combat boots on the sidewalk to get the plastic off. "It doesn't matter now does it?" Aina said, her eyes glowing dark blue. "I don't know how your my friend." I muttered. "'cause I am . . . beautiful~" Aina sung, grabbing my shirt, bringing our faces right next to each other. "W-wh-what are you doing?!

I have to get the c-car and go to the hospital to my . . . my . . . Fiance." Aina hissed, her eyes glowing more brighter until her pupils no longer showed. "Your mine now. FOREVER." Aina leaned me toward her and gave me a soft and tentative kiss. Somehow I couldn't break apart from her. Her lips were digging into my bottom lip, her tougue slipping around in my

mouth. I wanted to stay there for a moment but I also wanted to leave and throw up.

♡Y/N's Pov♡ When you opened your eyes, the seething pain intensified making you feel as If you wanted to scream. You shifted uncomfortably in the blankets, one nurse and a doctor walking into the room. "How are you feeling?" The nurse asked, giving you a cup of water. You gulped it in out sip, sitting it on the bedside.

"Fine I guess. It just really hurts every time I move." You said, feeling your belly which got inches bigger than when you first started getting pain. "Okay. Any contractions?" "Yes . . . when me and my fiance, Shoto, were on a bench at a park." You explained. "How much apart?" The doctor asked, peaking under the hood. "Um . . . 7 minutes? 5 minutes? I don't know.

I just got pregnant weeks ago." The doctor and the nurse exchanged glances but said nothing. "That's good . . .It seems fine so far. But . . ." The doctor said, trailing off. "But . . . what?" You asked, suddenly realizing that anything could go wrong in the pregnancy. The doctor waved the nurse over and look under the hood in admiration.

It creeped you out. There must've been something interesting in your private parts. And instantly you knew. It had to do with being a half light castor.

💙Todoroki's Pov❤️ You pushed away from Aina, gasping for air, face blushing. "What the fuck?!" I cursed. "You likey?~" Aina said smirking. "No!" I screamed, fire and ice blasting Aina backwards. "I have a FIANCE!" Aina fell hard on the ground, her hair falling over her face.

Aina got up instantly, blue eyes glowing so bright I could hardly see. She screeched, blasting me hard with blue and white fire. I fell back, gasping, feeling major pain in my stomach. I didn't know that Aina's quirk was so powerful. I saw Aina above me. She had a slender machete in her hands, just like Bakugo's. I screamed, inching away from her.

Before I could, she stabbed it in my stomach and I blacked out.

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I was so lazy and . . . well . . . I just didn't know what to put for this X3 xD Also Aina is an old Oc of mine. You can find it in my other account: @chloetheanime. New part will come out soon! It will be special because of being the 10th!

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