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Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person. And yes that changes us, but we decide how it does change us, and that decision should be a direction for the best of us. Yes, sometimes people that we love leave without saying anything when they have told us so many things that we now doubt, but we shouldn't doubt how strong and knowledgeable we are. We must learn from our past and mistakes so we won't fall again and use the past how the postmodernists did. We live a small amount of time compared to the stars therefore, live and don't let your past get in the way of your present.

He left

without saying a word

When yesterday

I encountered a man wanting to speak

that couldn't speak.

Everyone tells me that love does exist

That I shouldn't push people away from me

When yesterday

I encountered a girl hugging the man that I need.

It is impossible

I've been told

For that reason

I imagine my days with him

When yesterday

I encountered a wild man greeting us in the store.

Sporadic feelings

Wanting to leave my chest

Instead of words

Tears fall upon my wrists

When yesterday

I encountered my brother taking away my drugs

And giving me his time with a hug.


A word that ruins our lives

As he did

But I made sure not to fall apart

When yesterday

I encountered myself being who I am

returning the love

with actions

with everything I have

with all my care


with all my time.

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