Being Cut.
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mfockedoing poems of what I'm feeling
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My thoughts of getting cut from my sports team

Being Cut.

The bright blades come for you

They attack you

You are clueless

First, a small cut.

Not a big bleeding cut, but just enough to sting

Then the cut grows into an infection and spreads

Into your memories, emotions, and thoughts

It consumes you every chance it gets

The image of yourself is shattered.

The friends you made are still friends

but what you bonded over has disappeared.

You are screaming yet not able to speak.

You don't know what to do or who can help.

You start to lie right in their faces.

You say you did something else instead.

That it was your choice,

but in reality the choice was stolen from your hands.

You try again.

This time you feel good, you are performing well,

Confidence is blossoming,

Friends are around,

and you are simply happy.

The pain of the blades come back.

Someone asks again,

"Did you play this season?"

My mind and heart crack

All the awful thoughts rush into my head

And then I lie

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