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meyanie No word can describe my hidden pain
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But they're wrong.

They Think...

They think I'm okay just because they don't get to see me whine.

They see I can virtually laught so they assume that I'm fine.

They think I'm not at all hurt and happily I can sleep,

But all my nights are sleepless as wounds run so deep.

They think I can endure anything, unknowing that's so wrong.

I can't bear emotional pain just because I'm physically strong.

They think I'm alright, dont know how hard I'm trying to cope,

When desperation is before my eyes, blocking my vision of hope.

They think I'll be unfeeling to watch them take a part of me,

And can remain sane in front of the safe where it used to be.

They think I don't have right even to sing my old love song,

So can you tell me, is there anywhere on earth I still belong?

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