Transmission 13: The Mechanical Tree
Transmission 13: The Mechanical Tree science fiction stories

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What choice would you make? Citizen insides the tree or resident outsides tree.

Transmission 13: The Mechanical Tree

Prefatory note by Metatron I Duke of the Cloud Realm Harmony's Bellum and Chief Scribe on the Infinity Project

We suspect the following transmission originated sometime 2782 or '83 but all dates and names have been redacted so we're unsure of the exact origin of the transmission.

This copy is being sent from Thursday 27 February 2076.

As always we here at the Quantum Alliance-The Infinity Project, the Alexandre Consortium,

and Adam and Eve- encourage any receiving this transmission to not attempt any predictions based on the contents that follow.

In the strongest possible terms we warn that to take any of this as coming from your own timeline is absurd and is the way of madness.

It is best to take what all that follows as a fantastical bit of science fantasy.

However judging from the problems stemming from our own and other timelines we're well aware that many of you are already out of your minds. Either way we hope you enjoy the story.

Metatron, a dandy of a man in a snappy red suit, a pointy leopard beard, and dark glasses sits at a desk in the style of a late night talk show host.

He does not seem comfortable at the desk, shakes his head, waves his hand and the desk vanishes from view replaced by a comfortable couch under low lighting.

Metatron stands and places his palms together.

Metatron: Welcome viewers from the past. We hope you're receiving the video feed but it's a sparse hope as you know.

Alex Bot algos say there is only a 35.78% chance that any of the video feed is coming through but Eve assures us that 100% at the very least you'll be getting a transcript.

Some of you are getting this in the late 1900's but the vast majority, judging from the temporal trajectories will receive this transmission sometime between 2016-2025.

That's just fine with us as our mission is to disseminate as many of these transmission as possible by the end of the year.

So without further ado it is my pleasure to introduce you to our guest curator for the evening AndEyeX . Please give a warm round of applesauce to AndEyeX.

AndEyeX floats onto the screen in a lovely pink jumpsuit studded with amethyst and garnet. They glisten on the screen.

Is AndEyeX a boyish girl or a girlish boy? They will never tell as bio parts are personal and private.

Call them what you will but to anyone with a pulse AndEyeX is stunning in their jumpsuit and strides across the stage in freedom and confidence.

They can be reached in all PM districts of Century city @andix.

Metatron: AndEyeX welcome to the show.

AndEyeX: Thank you thank you I am so happy to be here today.

Metatron: We're really looking forward to hearing more about your work. How did you find this little gem?

AndEyeX: Well, as you know I work on the shorter transmissions coming over via the Quantum field which is anything in the byte range, really no qubits.

Because I trained in photography for a number of years I decided to have the Alex Bots feed me transmissions with a strong possibility for visual representations.

Metatron: That's right, we understand you're constructing a set based on the images described in the transmission.

AndEyeX: I have a fantastic team of builders from the Analog Zones currently working on that now.

Metatron: And we are so excited to see those pictures once you're done. When can we expect those to be released?

AndEyeX: Really there's no telling but we're hoping within the next year.

Metatron: We'll enough of this let's give the good beings what they came for. Sound good?

AndEyeX: Yes.

Metatron: What do you have for us today? The stage goes dark.

AndEyeX, in a near perfect soft voice with a slight combination of North American and Norwegian accent reads the following.

The Mechanical Tree

First, a seventeen foot long log,

found lying in perfection by the Woodsmen in an abandoned forest with full analog to digital connectivity taken to an artisan who carved it into the Ladies of the Wood.

The artisan, skilled and wise graced the Ladies of the Wood with articulating limbs and faces and uploaded them with Quanta Alex Bots and set them to restore the forest to former glory.

The Ladies of the Wood, only ever seen connected to each other as one large log, could actual separate and so 500 years ago they planted the Mechanical Tree in the very center of the old forest,

with seeds they pulled from their very bodies. The seeds, having the same connectivity as the ladies, then died in a fit of growth.

In mere days they crushed rock and churned soil throwing roots deep, and after, in just weeks and with rapacious and childlike passion stretched upwards to the clouds.

All this earth moving and tree growing brought the human mass who stood in awe at the living hotspot which seemed to promise them a new birth,

for they had grown hopeless the earth would soon die.

The Ladies of the Wood, much smaller than and so afraid of the mass returned to a log and hid themselves near their child tree and sent it messages.

The Ladies wished only to help the mass and so soon the tree became for them a citadel to the rising forms of the new world.

Inside the tree were luxurious apartments, restaurants and grocers serving and carrying only the finest of cuisines, chic boutiques, and at the base of the tree there was,

oh yes there was the most perfect and magnificent coffee shop the likes of which the mass had never before seen.

But shop, shopping, buying, selling, indeed all commerce become useless terms but for the singular choice of being citizen insides or resident outsides, for after only 30 years the entirety of The Mechanical Tree,

from Root City below, to Main Trunk Town and it's numerous and growing Burb Branches dropped to no cost to citizens inside. That is no daily cost of labor.

There is one fee for citizen inside and paid at choice of entry and it is life itself paid back to the tree and measured in time,

the cap being 120 years along with quotas in the Cloud Realms and Cloud Games.

For many in the mass this cost was too great and so off they went to toil in mines or building domes on Mars and Europa,

or if they wished to remain on the home world they worked on agri bots they dubbed Chicken Towns and Cow Towns or they went to the oceanic bots that sucked up and desalinated

the earths waters in kiloliters per hour.

And now with all these centuries in the earth, in the tree, and in the cloud,

realms of impossibilities unfathomable by you the smaller and older mass we beseech via the quantum temporal flux field to make a better choice for again we stand a new vision on the rise.

The Way of the Axe we are called, made up of both Citizen insides and Resident outsides, have, at great loss and great peril composed this message.

D#o $ot le! the tree be pla*(&ted, i1&8t gr#@$8o w!n s i)(#&$^ck ()*@#5t th#(^e ro$@#ots.

Transmission E#nds abruptly with slight pops and hisses followed by a piercing whine and flash of light.

Then Darkness.

The Lights again come up on Metatron and AndEyeX on their couch.

Metatron: Wow.

AndEyeX: It is beautiful and heavy I know.

Metatron: Is there any confirmation?

AndEyeX: No, not at all, it's still all text, and all proper names have been redacted. We're not even sure if this isn't fiction.

Metatron: We all know what that means. If we can't verify we assume it's off our timeline yet nevertheless.

AndEyeX: Yet nevertheless?

Metatron: Yet nevertheless?

Both: Yet nevertheless we beseech the past as the future beseeches us.

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