Vengeance of 7th October

     Vengeance of 7th October
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A cigarette wants to take revenge on its smoker for destroying it into nothing but smoke.

Vengeance of 7th October

I’m fatal, to your life, And though you know, you don’t resist me. You sucked me puff by puff until I was reduced to well, not nothing. You didn’t stop with me, And went on and on, a new one every day, new soul every day. You think I ceased to exist and no trace of me remained, but wrong you are and that you should know,

I am and will remain inside, where you took me. Turn is mine but you don’t realize as I ruin you cell by cell, like you did to me, few months ago until that time arrives, when you will be reduced to well, not nothing and death finds your way.

Then you may join my other half with no one to avenge your fate. Regards, that cigarette of 7th October.

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