A Goodbye for Never

          A Goodbye for Never motherlylove stories

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An unborn daughter decides to leave the womb not knowing that a beautiful life awaits her.

A Goodbye for Never

I didn't know, I shouldn't have overheard your conversation with that man, I didn’t understand what it was all about, but one thing I heard is you want me out. Remember, do you, giving a smile every time you heard my heart beat, Despite the pain you undergo I was always your priority.

You took me into a world of tunes, Made me believe I’m a princess Told me about the world beyond And what you have experienced. We shared our sorrows and happiness, laughed and cried together, inseparable we were, however, now you want me out.

I'm still your daughter, though unborn, I promise you won't have to push me out I'll leave the first thing today night, Wishing, without me you'll be fine.

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