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mess Well my life is broken and messed up.
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One moment, That's all it takes to ruin a fine day.

One Moment

One moment,

That's all it takes to ruin a fine day.

One moment,

That's all it takes to pull you back.

Back to the dark side,

Back to the memories that were pushed aside,

Aside to the farthest depths of your mind,

Back to the hurt, betrayal, and rejection.

"It's all okay! This is fate guiding you on your adventure,"

These empty words you tell yourself provide little comfort,

For in your heart you know you could never have it all.

Happy smiles are like makeup plastered on your face,

They act as a cloak to hide the sadness behind every word you speak.

Sure it might not seem that way,

Helping others is an escape from your own problems.

"Fuck it, they're not worth your time,"

Few more lies you constantly tell yourself.

But what is fate when you're not happy with the outcome of it?

Is your life destined to be this way?

In the end you feel like it's all your fault,

It's as if you are the one who brought it upon yourself,

You're the one to blame,

Like you are the fool tricking yourself.

Just because of one moment.


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