poetry; for her
poetry; for her sad stories

merumoo Community member
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a collection of poetry - started at june 9, 2020.

poetry; for her

06/08/20 - volume i stare at you in the dark while the silence screams loud loud enough to hear that my heartbeat beats for you. only you.

06/03/20 - last minute as each second ticks on the clock, i will never forget the words , that fall out of your lips, so smoothly, so gently, so tender, that even the words sparkle. three words that i’ve never thought about, but you said it. each word falling into me, collapsing, bumping, exploding, like it was the best thing i could ever ask for. i love you.

06/03/20 - your body your eyes scream perfection your lips act out temptation your skin feels closure as your hair glows lightly your hands touch softly your fingers roam wildly

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