When A Good Man Goes To War
When A Good Man Goes To War sunflower stories

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Sunflower Musings: Sometimes, I feel like being an educator is like fighting for a cause. I had a parent call me, asking if I could change his daughter’s grades to make them higher. When he realized I won’t, he tried to make me “confess” that I did something wrong with the grading. I told him that I explained everything to his daughter the moment I realized that she got lower grades this time, and that I assured her that I was not angry with her, that I was only reprimanding her to correct her behavior. He tensely replied “SO YOU DO ADMIT THAT YOU REPRIMANDED HER? THAT YOU CORRECTED HER? THAT YOUR BIASES MADE HER TEACH HER A LESSON??” In my mind, I was questioning why a parent would even dare to berate a teacher for trying to teach a lesson to her student. Did he send her to school to learn or to just get grades?

P.S. the title is inspired by a Doctor Who episode

When A Good Man Goes To War

When the sirens call out in the dead of night,

they lure out the soldier who comes in military regalia,

wearing the strength of those ten thousand strong.

You have been told of mythical grails that await you in battle.

But you soon learn how hard the journey is

when the cold starts to creep in

and your boots begin to bite.

Fighting for a cause will not be easy when you’re a wounded soldier,

battling in No Man’s Land, with no armor on you.

You listen well to the steady call of the war drums inside you

to silence the ear-piercing cries of comrades.

There is no grail, you start to learn. Only unmarked graves that await for unfortunate souls.

The only victor for a soldier is that of going home.

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