What Happened in the Tower...
What Happened in the Tower... dragon-legends-2018 stories

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What Happened in the Tower...

Sir Knight, with his silver sword and shield,

braved the burdensome, titanic towers

of the famed foreign kingdom from the stories

as he heaved and huffed and hurried to the top.

"My fair lady princess, it is I, your savior!"

He bellowed with his best baritone voice.

"Oh, sweet maiden? I have come to collect my conquest!"

But alas, there was no prized princess in the palace.

He grumbled and groused, till he heard a gruff roar

as he turned to see a scaly beast staring at him.

Its sharp claws scraped the floor like a scythe.

Smoke came out of the savage creature, as it drew nearer.

"Who told you to traipse here like an unwanted trespasser?"

The knight choked out a response. "I thought... I assumed..."

"Dear Sir, know this: Some towers were built to keep out, not to keep in."

And the disgruntled dragon unhanded the desperate knight.

Scrambling from the ground, the knight stopped midway

as the glimmer of moonlight got caught on the dragon's silvery scales.

The glimmer became a bright glow, blinding the baffled knight.

He opened his eyes once more, to see a lady dressed in the dragon's colors.

"Sir Knight, your self-serving rescue was clearly not needed."

The lady explained to him. "I was never in danger until you came around."

"But... but, fair princess, are you not lonely in this place?"

"That is what my wings are for - to let me fly and look for kindred dragons."

"Sir Knight, If I wanted you to see me as a princess, I would have done so."

The knight was perplexed. "You prefer to be seen as a savage beast?"

"Dear sir, I have only shown kindness to people. Yet, departing with empty hands

have made them paint me as a villain. When truly, I owed them nothing."

So, the knight went on his way to wander around the world

while the dragon kept her identity.

And as they lived separate lives without a care for the other...

They both lived happily ever after.

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