This Year's Lies are Next Year's Resolutions
This Year's Lies are Next Year's Resolutions sunny stories

merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower musings:

Next year, I'll be more open - even if it means being vulnerable.

This Year's Lies are Next Year's Resolutions

It was a thread of words thrown out, coupled with a string of stubborn sighs,

that colored the kaleidoscope world of muddled perspectives and rosy whims.

I have made a city within these walls I've built. I am a citizen of my own making.

But I see you walking around with untethered feet. You've made a dance floor out of concrete pavements.

As I shifted to take a better view of your open frontier, I topple the tower of excuses I've laid down.

From a distance, you had seen me fall. You called out, one foot daring towards me while the other stayed firmly on your side.

You narrow your eyes to see if I'm okay. (I'm not. But you don't know that.)

Of all the lies I've dared to make,

it was that cracked smile that I gave you that seemed to haunt me the most.

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