The Refrain
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merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower musings:

This isn't really my usual style, but I felt the need to make this one...

The Refrain

I was borne of love

as they took hold of each other’s hands as their vows were bound in gold as they grasped until white-knuckled.

I was tested by love

when I was met with narrowed eyes when my pleading lips fell on deaf ears when they barred my reaching arms.

I had avoided love

through iron-clad walls around me through cold, rough winds that numbed me through handmade masks that hid me.

I had lost to love

as it dragged me to the crowded floor as it chained me in my empty room as it slapped me with heavy hands.

I was looking for love

even when I held my head up high even when I took my hand away even when I kept the door shut.

I was humbled by love

for I had called it by a different name for I looked for it in the wrong place for I had yet to reach the thirteenth hour.

I have learned to live with love...

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