The Nine to Five
The Nine to Five sunflower stories

merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower musings:

Just a piece about finding simple contentment with work.

The Nine to Five

I have made myself a mausoleum of memos and pyramids of paperwork.

And while I dream of lighting a pyre onto this eight-hour travesty, each morning I am reborn.

I am Sisyphus whose rock remains unmoved each morn.

People ask me why my feet continue to ascend the mountain,

and why my hands still grasp that stubborn rock.

Ah, because I have long ignored how the grey boulder looks before me,

and each day I look around to find that the sky is bluer, and more tinged with tangerine than it was yesterday.

I have now forgotten how my muscles ache with each step that I take,

for I have found delight in the familiar breeze that cools me as I ascend into the mountain.

And when I finally do stop rolling, I will pick a soft mound near the peak,

where I will see the slow goodbye of the sun.

And though in time, I will turn to ash, my faithful rock will still stand tall.

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