The Nightmare
The Nightmare sunflower stories

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Sunflower musings:

My past experience with nocturnal panic attacks and sleep paralysis...

The Nightmare

The hazy remnant of faces and visions That muddled in my sleep froze in time and space

As I saw myself both asleep and yet awake - In a dream and on the bed, out of the dream yet stuck in it.

I breathed in and made show of trying to shout Yet my voice became a tangled lump in my throat, While I gasped for air but didn’t get any.

It was like the heavy chest that I kept buried within was now propped open on top of my slumbering body. Its heavy weight buried me into the savage seas of my consciousness.

Drowning in a dream that was turning real midway, I wanted to flail and fling my arms Onto the invisible waves that seemed to succumb me.

But no muscle, no bone, no part of me would move. I was alive but lifeless – awake but not waking up.

What once was the clear view of myself in a state of unrest Was now the dark veil of deep distress that was pulling me

Towards an unknown.

And that was what scared me the most.

So I desperately grasped for something I did know.

I thought of my finger. Just one. And what I can do If I could move it.

The waves were getting bigger. I was falling deeper into the void.

But if I could make that little finger nudge, I wasn’t about to let the hands of time stop moving just yet...

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