The Child
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Sunflower musings

The Child

I've always held on to the child within me.

Maybe because no one else wanted to hold on to her.

She seemed fragile back then.

I've had to protect her.

Shielding her from what's out there.

"Don't worry. I'm an adult."

That's what I always told her.

As I ventured out.

As I made mistakes.

As I moved towards an uncertain beyond.

I held on to her tightly.

I repeated the same words.

"Don't worry. I'm an adult."

And as I take in the sight of her deep, frightened eyes...

I realized.

That child wasn't afraid for herself.

She was concerned over me.

Those words I repeated weren't for her.

They were to assure ME.

And I held on tightly, not for her...

But so that I wouldn't have to be alone.

I somehow seemed to have found that the child within me,

whom I once considered so fragile,

was the one comforting me all along.

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