The Child
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Sunflower musings

The Child

I've always held on to the child within me.

Like a porcelain doll that's kept on a pedestal.

Hidden away from prying eyes and hands.

I shielded her from what's out there.

"Don't worry. I'm an adult."

That's what I told her as she ran towards the blurred horizon like a sparrow who had just taken flight.

I held on to her tightly to keep her from stumbling. But she wrung free from my shaking hands.

Those five words echoed within me.

"Don't worry. I'm an adult."

I mumbled, gasping as I found myself drowning in the waves of saltwater tears. All the while, the child's ringing laughter filled the sea air above me.

I looked around, only to see...

The child was floating, reaching out towards me.

"Don't worry. I'm an adult."

But the words rippled and found its way back to me. As if the harsh lands refused to let my words rest.

Like the sea foam that faded along the shore, Formed and emerging, only to fade once more.

With a smile that didn't really reach her eyes,

The child pulled me into the surface. Her warm, tiny hand enveloped my cold, numb fingers.

Drops of the ocean sprung forth from my eyes as it dawned on me... This little child's been saving me all along.

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