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Sunflower Musings: It’s been a while (busy with back to school stuff). But I couldn’t miss 10/10! It’s World Mental Health Day, and it’s even more important to advocate it right now, when the world needs a little more effort to stay calm amidst the chaos around us... There are those of us who have felt some loss, who have felt pain, abuse, neglect... and it gets harder to remember how to look forward again. But I hope you just take it one day at a time, and remember that there are people who are there to be with you as you go through both the light and dark moments. I’ve been very grateful to have found the Commaful community. I hope we can all close this chapter together... ❤️


If once you sat to watch the sunflowers grow,

only to find that a raging storm has come your way...

If you tried to shout but everyone around you was running amok...

and there was no one to save the sunflowers from being plucked too soon...

If you had closed your eyes, only to open them and find that the field has now gone bare...

And if you tried to tell people of the flowers that are no longer there...

But they’ve got their heads held high in search of more thunderstorms...

Just remember that the silent hands that planted them before

Have found themselves digging deeper now, ready to plant once more...

For they know that out there, lies a person who had once seen their sunflowers grow...

We’ve all been through a lot this year. Whether silent or loud, may our voices asking for help and humanity be heard... If not by others, then let it first be heard by ourselves.

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