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merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower Musings: Inspired by the epic love story that was Veronica and Logan... (I swear, I'm an adult - but the revival is making me feel like a teenager again).


When you hear the words that sting the most, they ring an alarm that echoes inside of you

and a whirlwind of curses come crashing out.

What comes out as a tiny thought, carelessly thrown away,

cuts you like a sharp splinter straight to the heart.

You've learned to nurse the dull pain

till the scars hurt more than the stabbing.

You find yourself festering on a made-up deathbed

after planting the white roses for your grave.

So you sing that wailing lament like a lullaby whose melody I've learned by heart.

They'll warn me not to cast myself while you rage on,

and to find shelter from the violent downpour,

but I find myself crawling into the eye of the storm,

waiting in the silence as I dare to tame the tempest.

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