Out, Damned Spot
Out, Damned Spot crime stories

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Sunflower Musings: Just started my therapy for PTSD today. 😊

Out, Damned Spot

There is guilt in my eyes.

That must be why I have kept my tears locked away.

There is blame on my lips.

That must be why I’ve tried to bear it in silence.

There is grief on my chest.

That must be why the light inside is dimmed.

There are ghosts in my past.

That must by why I run in circles, each step haunted by the thoughts of turning back.

I am a runaway, they say.

And the consciousness are knocking on all the doors.

They’ve come to find me.

The voices that have yelled, The voices that roared, The voices that wailed, The voices that were the jury in my head...

Have grown silent.

They called me out to stand trial.

And there, I stood... Just a child. That’s what I was.

And there in her eyes, they saw confusion.

She did not know why the tears were kept hidden.

From her lips, they heard prayers.

She did not fear the silence.

In her heart, there was darkness... But also light.

She grew patient in the darkness... and stronger in the light.

She saw no monsters. Only humans who forgot themselves.

And the voices let her speak... and proclaim her innocence.

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