Midas at Midnight
Midas at Midnight sunflower stories

merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower Musings: I was re-reading The Little Prince... This is inspired by the sad, sad, sad adults in the story.

Midas at Midnight

I had once owned stars in the sky,

a goldmine in the dark.

In this barren wasteland,

they were jewels of the night.

But the mysterious moon whispered silvery words to me,

and so, I gave them all away in exchange for a lullaby.

While his cold grip wrapped around my stars,

I then awoke when the siren song stopped.

I waited for the sun to say goodbye and see my stars once more.

But they were now too far, shining brightly for someone else now.

And all I have left at midnight

is a dream that’s starting to slip away.

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