Full Circle
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merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower musings

Full Circle

Sometimes in the silence

The emotions would suddenly flood me.

As if they were saying hello to a familiar face.

Darkness and I aren't actually friends.

We just run in the same circles.

I thought that we had said goodbye to each other -

this friend named melancholy.

Yet here she is.

Looking as if nothing has changed.

I wonder how long they'll be staying this time...

They keep me company... and yet, I've never felt so alone.

Their voices fill my head.

But one day, I woke up

to find all their baggage has gone.

There were traces, yes...

But they were no longer traces of what was left behind...

Just reminders of what was meant to remain.

P.S. Sometimes, when we're healing from depression and/or melancholic episodes, we feel pressured to get back to an "okay" state. And any feeling of sadness, loneliness, etc. ends up making us feel like we "failed". -->

But I hope people understand that it's normal to have those feelings. When we go through it , we are then able to overcome it. The second part is what matters most. -->

Don't be afraid to go through the dark parts AGAIN because if there's any take-away from the previous moments, it's that you're stronger than the darkness. :)

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