For One Night Only
For One Night Only sunflower stories
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merrymuse Sunflower with her head up in clouds.
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Sunflower Musings

For One Night Only

Restless hands begin to itch as my hazy mind wanders off like a lonesome tourist in a jungle of neon lights.

A thought beckons me like a dazzling marquee. I take my seat - an audience of my own entertainment.

The hands, they find a pen to grasp. A piece of paper feels flat under their weight. My blurry visions become black and white as the lightweight pen glides on its paper dance floor.

The bustling corridors become white noise as my shallow breathing slowly finds its rhythm while my ballpoint conductor orchestrates a black ink symphony.

I lean back to take it all in. My mind is mixed with emotions, all rising into a standing ovation as they see themselves in the lines and strokes that transform into words.

The pen takes a brief bow and the hands break out into applause. With a sigh, my eyes start to feel heavy, like velvet curtains that are being drawn out onto the now empty stage.

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