Porcelain Heart
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Sunflower musings:
This is actually the story of my life (though events have been fictionalized), and the events that led me to become a school counselor. I never really sought to be a school counselor, but every day is a reminder that I'm doing what I'm most passionate about.

Porcelain Heart

Once upon a time, there was a couple

who came across a little porcelain doll.

They took her home to their three children.

The children wanted to play with her

but their parents shooed them away

and placed the doll on a pedestal.

One night, the second daughter had a terrible nightmare.

She dreamt that the doll was evil!

She got scared and broke the doll.

Once the porcelain broke, the doll's soul came to life...

The girl told the doll that she really was a monster!

The doll was shocked.

"I'm not a monster! I'm just a little girl!"

But when the doll saw her reflection, full of scars and broken pieces...

"I AM A MONSTER." she said.

The next morning when the couple found out, they tried to fix her.

They continued to place her on the pedestal as if nothing happened.

The daughter, meanwhile, was sorry and everyone immediately comforted her - as children rarely understand why they do things.

But the broken doll was kept hidden...

Only privately admired by the loving couple.

She remained in the dark - alone and ashamed.

At night, deep in the darkness, the couple would whisper to the doll that they still believed she's beautiful.

But each time they did, the doll would not believe them

and would stomp her feet...

clench her fists

or grit her teeth.

And so, more pieces would start to fall off.

"How can a monster be beautiful?" she asked.

"WE'LL FIX YOU!" the couple would say to her.

"WHAT'S THERE TO FIX?" questioned the doll.

"WE'LL FIX YOU!" they repeated.

"BUT I'M NOT EVEN LIVING!" the doll said in earnest.

They wanted her to be beautiful.

She wanted to stop being a monster.

They wanted to fix her.

She wanted to stop being broken.

And so they fought until she was nothing but tiny, broken pieces.

"Now, I'll never be beautiful again..."

"You're still beautiful to us. Please let us help you..." They softly said.

The old couple began to put the pieces together.

But because of the sharp, jagged edges...

They were constantly getting hurt.

Finally, they revealed her changed physique - a mosaic vase with varied porcelain pieces.

"But I look nothing like my old self!"

"No. You're even more beautiful now."

She was once just a treasure that they chanced upon.

But now she was a reminder of their commitment.

She was once admired.

But now she was valued.

Right now in her transformed self, she tried to give the same to others.

She held on to the sunflowers that had bloomed but were torn from their roots.

She embraced them as they soon began to wilt.

And while her beauty was not easily seen...

Those who felt it will forever bloom.

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