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Today is 10/10 - World Mental Health Day. In a world that prefers perfection, but constantly reminds us of our imperfections, let’s not forget that what we truly are is human. I’m glad we have Commaful where we get to socialize without conditions and explore our passions without inhibitions. Thank you to all those who have joined in this impromptu collection of pieces about Mental Health. Let’s work together to break the stigma, and build each other up, one poem at a time... 💚


I’m jealous of the sky with his two faces. They embrace him with his morning greeting, and in the darkness, they lull his cold, hollow frame.

Yet, here I am. Collecting masks to hide the scars that divide me from the flaws they’ve burnt me with. (@merrymuse)

running running running.

a gunfire in distance

a gunfire in distance and explosions directly behind

DOWN, lie down on the ground

Tr e m b lin g

sweaty hands holding mine as we wait.

Thinking that’s the end but

It’s just another memory, another nightmare, another war in my head.

And the effect of a bullet in my heart (@one_heartbeat)

Few words of encouragement, And a faint light of hope,

Few words of encouragement, And a faint light of hope, Doesn’t seem enough,

To Calm The Storm In My Head

It gets bigger,

It gets bigger, Destroys everything I have,

It gets bigger, Destroys everything I have, Destroys everything I love,

It gets bigger, Destroys everything I have, Destroys everything I love, Destroys everything I am. (@ryaaa3)

Suicide crept into my mind Not for the first time I am getting tired, exhausted Of the same thoughts But they never seem to leave Playing the same words

I walked the streets in pain Yet no one seems to notice No one seems to care I always wore a mask To cover my hidden sorrows And Thats all they saw

All but one saw the mask Only I knew the truth So I guess I had to save myself I saw two options before me I could save myself from misery Or I can just surrender

Months have past without decision It got worse as time passed by I was about to surrender I had it all planned out I was in the moment when I thought The thought that saved me

It was nothing big nor grand Nothing very touching Nothing very heartbreaking But it was for me And it was the thought That said I can't do this

How can I take my life When I have worked so hard To stay alive today To go through all of that pain for nothing Except one horrible ever after That I don't want to have (@Mockingjay)

Depression My sly and stalking beast

Exhausted heart Of half remembered dawns Sucking slowly On the fog That is me

Which jumps and catches unawares Grey light from within A candle dimmed Hidden from the world

I cannot feel Until I cut And bleed myself

A path of living words To follow to the light (@Bettyv)

We are made of paper. I am on fire and I am burning I am constantly switching states, but I will always burn The fire will not stop.

In the first state it burns hot, Hot like the fires of coal under My feet hot like a heart powering A city hot like mania.

The second fear it burns like dry ice, Burns like a lump in my throat When I’m crying burns like my electric blanket Trying to simulate human touch during a midday depression nap.

The fire will not stop. And I am burning. I am too afraid to reach out too afraid to touch Because we are made of paper and I am on fire. (@charliesheldon)

It is important to be happy, It is important to be joyful, It is important to stop being depressed, It is important to enjoy and make life fruitful.

I know it is easy to say, I know it is easy to advise, But what is important is to love them, Support them and be wise. (@debadityadutta)

Colour-blind My eyes only witness shade cast by prideful rays

For your light dwindles in the grey of gaze

Memories of wholesome you bleed shadows of obscured beauty

May colour return to these longing eyes tainted, by this broken mind (@DuskThoughts)

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