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mermandadawn Community member
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I've been called; cryptic


I've been called;



" stoic " maybe

" aloof " no not really

diverse…for damn sure

misunderstood and hidden

subtle quietness with captured desire

a yearning to grow

a lovely girl

expressively proud

incredibly bold

"you're not fragile like an egg

you're dangerous like a grenade"

"a pain in the ass, like broken glass"


"don't over think things Amanda

we all go through shit"

"stop worrying all the time"

put on some perfume

and cover over it

a pink volcano

ready to erupt

a little lioness

ready to jump

a profound Goddess

a white Witch of Words

even Frodo Baggins

the Hobbit with the world in a ring on his neck

repressed and angry

hiding it so well

venting through the words

eager as hell

the sapphire sea of my eyes

the mystery


Know this about me

I won't go down

without a fight

and the battles I'm in

I usually win

I mask myself with anger

defense mechanism

and what I fight for

is more than just skin

its the deeper things

hidden within

what life is about

what will you fight for?

who can really get down to our cores?

who to let in

when the rain sets in

who to trust when we feel about to bust

'cause through all the wars

humans need much more

than to sit idle inside

brain-washed and ashamed

break free from the game

With my grenade

and my pink champagne

or the volcano erupting from rage

I could conquer and defeat

take down those who stand up

for all the wrong reasons

hit them in the gut

with a few rhymed words

'cause this is all I have

have to prefect

my curse

rewrite my history

and take back what was stolen

give the ones around me

fighting next to me

a chance to see the beautiful side

a chance to be happy

I would die for any of them

so the reason I fight

I won't give in

So tell me again

what's wrong with my head

a girl in a cage

of my own welding

fabricated dreams

metal corroding

rust setting in

cancer exploding

where is the grenade

to blow up what I'm holding

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